Welcome to Hatchwell!

The Hatchwell Town Square

There's a festival!

Join the townspeople as they prepare for the Hatchwell Festival! A day celebrating the peace brought by a hero’s bravery a hundred years ago.

Entrance to the first level dungeon

A busy day!

A series of disruptive events are making the residents uneasy. The mayor needs your help to investigate different parts of the town and figure out what's causing these events, which seem to worsen as the day goes by.

A dungeon filled with dangerous crystals

The journey!

Explore Hatchwell, solve puzzles, defeat deadly monsters and discover items that will help you progress and open new paths.

Player and his pet walking on the beach

Treasure hunt!

Discover hidden paths and find treasure chests containing accessories with unique abilities that could help you on your adventure.

Press Kit!

Writing about Hatchwell? I've prepared some info and facts about the game as well as a set of screenshots! Thank you so much!

Want to play the game?

If you're a Content Creator on Youtube/Twitch/etc or a Press, you can click the button below to request a copy of the game! Thank you for the interest!

Hatchwell Release Trailer

Hatchwell Trailer

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